Customer Loyalty Memberships Explained

5 part interview to understand the background of how to set up loyalty strategies properly

Series of 5 Minute Reseller Training Videos

Video #1

Community Memberships Explained

Check out this great video

Innovative Ideas with Brand Memberships

See how a key game can drive people to a brand and raise money for communities

Ford Game Approved in all 50 States

Another brand idea where we can use numerous brands to cover prizes and give consumers great chances to win

Geo Social Scavenger Hunt with Kids, Twitter, and Brands

Simple illustration without any Augmented Reality on how brands can be used in games to add community loyalty

The Math of Rewards

Understanding the math of rewards is important to realizing how to structure a loyalty strategy

Digital Trading Cards With Digital Drawing Engine

Cards can be sold each game to earn rewards, raise money for charity, or win experiences, or Members Only Benefits