Special Pricing for Employees, Individuals, or Groups

Vacations, Incentives, Team Building, Contests, these are all part of employee benefits.


Whether it's one employee needing a break, or a group of employees brainstorming as a team building weekend, we have arranged special pricing for our clients.  

How do you become a client?

Just let us present our options for ID Restoration and Protection with Legal Coverage.

No matter how many people sign up, we open up all of our ideas, promotions, and incentives for your company to use.

Whether it's a one day event at a local golf course, or a 3 day trip to the beaches or mountains, we help our clients promote their business, support their local community, and provide value to their employees.  

As the largest broker of ID Restoration and Protection in the U.S., we have arranged some great ideas, here is just one of them :) . 

We found a great location in the foothills of South Carolina, just 150 miles from Atlanta.


Special Employee Pricing and Packages

  • How about 3 championship golf courses with all the amenities.
  • Unlimited Golf for 4 days!
  • Breakfast buffet included every morning with tons of real food!
  • Unlimited cart use
  • Gorgeous room right on the course!
  • All for just $105.00 per night!
  • If we have a group of 25 or more, we can feature special putting contests which give employees a chance to win a brand new car or $50,000 in cash.
  • We work with the top insurance companies that insure prizes for employees, so we have a number of ideas we offer our clients.  

Watch a person win click here

The rooms are right on the golf course along with a full spa, restaurant, and lounge!


Special spa and food packages with games and fun in the lounge every night.

How about a working vacation or maybe not!

Employees never need to drive anywhere, everything is on the property.

We have 1 day specials, weekend promotions, special parties, fundraisers and more. 

If we have putting contests or hole in one prizes, the money can be shared by everyone in attendance.  

Bring the best golfers, we organize a shoot out where the top 5 or 10 get a chance to make a hole in one and share $250,000 in cash or a $1,000,000 annuity.  

Whether anyone wins, we help raise a lot of money, employees and clients have fun, and communities come together.   

Click below to see a community fundraiser and a person winning $1,000,000.

$1,000,000 Winner Click here

Back to our mountain get away for employees or for one employee. He does not have to tell anyone!


Wives (or significant others) love the area even if they hate golf. Shopping, river rafting, skiing in winter, railroad rides, historic tours, antique heaven, walking trails, spa, and much more.  

Many partners hope the golfers never come back! Unless it's to win money :) . This is one of the few golfing trips we found where people who hate golf love to come!  Harrah's Casino just 30 minutes away!  

The rooms are beautiful, the grounds are so peaceful, even without golf it's a great time.


Look out the door to your right, that's the sand trap less than 10 yards from the patio!  

The nights and sunsets are just as gorgeous, are you sure you want to go home?

Different styles of rooms but ready to tee off right outside the door! So is the spa! See below


How about the rustic look of all wood?  You might never be in the room, but they are so peaceful.  

The hardest part of the trip is deciding when to sleep :)

But after 54 holes of golf, many find it very easy, especially with what they were carrying around in their cart :)

Is there more? Oh yeah!

Beautiful outdoor meeting areas for meals or family get togethers


Can you see yourself in this room?  If there was an employee meeting this is where to have it!

If there were a happy hour, this would be a good spot but the lounge has great food and drink with TV's too! 

How about doing both!

The lounge and restaurant offer great food and drink.


We have special games we can offer, or we can just forget the games and relax!

Full golf and pro shop connected in the far corner

What about the spa? This is different, guests are allowed to bring food and drink and spend hours!


  • Need 3 hours to take in drinks and relax after your massage, go ahead!
  • Great fireplace inside to stay and talk all day if you prefer.
  • Many of our guests spend more time at the spa in their soft robes than they do anywhere else on the property!  
  • Full day packages with the royal treatment.

Gorgeous views and great golf don't hurt. Many ride in the carts just to watch!


Three championship golf courses with gorgeous views like this one. 

The sunset and the fog make for beautiful twilight golf.

Sometimes people feel so good they get married before they leave! Well maybe not that fast!


But, any event can be scheduled and golf courses make beautiful weddings, don't you think?

Where to you think Rickie Fowler is getting married or how about Jordan Spieth? 

This is how you feel after a weekend in the mountains unplugging from all the chaos. Ready for work


This is how you feel when you get back to work!