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What is addressable Geo Fencing

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Addressable Geo-Fencing - What is Addressable Geo-Fencing? 

SCT Addressable Geo-Fencing brings brands a powerful, efficient, and accurate new way to target specific households and businesses with digital advertising. 

Addressable Geo-Fencing can be used both as a stand-alone tactic and to improve the results of addressable TV campaigns, direct mail campaigns, and other marketing efforts that target specific households.

By extending the reach, improving the frequency, and providing foot traffic attribution, Addressable Geo-Fencing makes all household targeting efforts more effective. 

To use Addressable Geo-Fencing, advertisers upload up to 1 million street addresses into the SCT platform. Those street addresses are then automatically converted into geo-fences that conform to the plat lines of each address. Then, devices seen within those plat lines are targeted with mobile, video, and/or OTT/CTV ads. 

Additional data targeting overlays can also be applied. 

Why Use Addressable Geo-Fencing? 

  • Highly precise. Targeting is based  off of plat line data from property tax and public land surveying information to maximize precision of addresses being targeted. 
  • Highly scalable.  Up to 1million physical addresses can be targeted per campaign. 
  • Improved reach over IP-based solutions, which are being limited due to truncation of IP addresses in programmatic advertising. 
  • Provides foot traffic attribution. Conversion Zones can be used with  Addressable Geo-Fencing campaigns to track uplift in foot traffic to the advertiser’s location. 
  • Improves performance of addressable TV, direct mail, and other campaigns that target specific households by extending their reach, improving their frequency, and providing attribution. 
  • Personalize creative based on address level intelligence. 
  • Granular reporting. Report and breakdown campaign performance by ZIP+4 level. 
  • Cross Device. Targets all individuals at the address  on multiple devices by leveraging SCT’s cross-device graph and enables targeting of devices for up to 30 days after they have left address. 
  • Effectively and efficiently on-board  off-line data.
  • Create granular audiences from CRM systems and other offline databases (e.g., automotive lease renewals, households using internet but not video/ cable, etc.). 
  • Audiences are updated on a daily basis.      

How Addressable Geo-Fencing Works 

  1. Physical addresses which an advertiser wants to target are uploaded into SCT platform. 
  2. The addresses are then matched against plat line data to collect the exact physical location, size and shape of the individually matched address. 
  3. The system then geo-fences each matched address to collect and target users specific only to that distinct address location. If desired, desktop, laptop, and OTT/ CTV devices are also targeted through SCT cross device graph. 
  4. Audiences at every single address are updated on a daily basis. 

Within SCT’s programmatic platform, lists of addresses are easily on-boarded, matched and scrubbed of any personally identifiable information so that there is no risk of breach in privacy. 

Addressable Geo-Fencing Specs 

File Type: .CSV, limited to one million addresses.
Address Format: Address, city, and state required. 

For best match results, please use USPS formatting. • Creative Types: Addressable Geo-Fencing can be 

deployed using any creative types in our system. 

Anticipated Match Rate: 90% or above

Programmatic Video Options 

Pre-Roll Video Ads 

Video ads appearing before free video content from publishers such as local news sites, CNN, Forbes, ABC Family, and 

Mid-Roll Video Ads 

Video ads appearing within longer video content as when streaming complete television episodes. 

Post-Roll Video Ads 

Video ads appearing at the end of online video content. 

Non-Skippable Ads 

Video ads 15 seconds or less in length ensuring users must completely view the ad before continuing to their free video content. 

Skippable Ads 

Video ads longer than 15 seconds in length with the option to skip after the first five seconds. 

In-Banner Video 

Video ads converted to run in standard display banner spaces. 


Layer on other SCT targeting tactics to optimize performance to reach the right user at the right time. With a large enough geo, SCT can target users with site and search retargeting as well as keyword and category contextual targeting.* 

SCT Video Advantages 

Premium Inventory 

17 billion auctions per month across 200 premium publishers 

Although total programmatic video inventory is less than display’s (only around 1% of all programmatic inventory), SCT works with exchanges such as SpotXchange and AdX (DoubleClick) to ensure your video ads are seen by users on premium publishers and mobile apps. 

Ad Placement 

Video ads appear above the fold for the best view-ability in programmatic advertising. 

Transparent Reporting Metrics 

Video ads include complete transparent reporting:

• Number of impressions served
• Number of clicks
• Where the ads were served 

— Interstitial
— In-stream
— In-stream Pre-Roll — In-stream Mid-Roll — In-stream Post-Roll 

• Number of users who watched the ad completely — First quartile
— Midpoint
— Third quartile 

— Total completions 

— Completion Rate
• Number of users who muted or unmuted the ad
• Number of users who paused or un-paused the ad • Number of users who watched the ad full screen 

Global Distribution 

SCT can serve video ads across the globe including the United States, English-speaking countries, Latin America, and Europe. 

The Advantages of Adding Video 

Create a programmatic video audience to match your TV audience. Leverage your TV budgets and creative assets to extend into digital advertising. If you don’t have the assets for TV, programmatic video is a more cost-effective alternative. Extend your TV audience’s reach online using look-a-likes through search, keyword contextual, and whitelist targeting tactics. 

Geo-Conversion Lift Dashboards 

Analyze your geo-targeting campaigns in how they are driving traffic to their conversion zones with SMART Geo-Conversion Lift and Geo-Conversion Lift Overview Dashboards in the Reporting & Analytics Center. Metrics within the dashboards include: 

Geo-Conversion Lift* 

Percentage difference in Campaign Conversion Rate vs. Natural Conversion Rate. 

Calculated by (Campaign Conversion Rate – Natural Conversion Rate) ÷ Natural Conversion Rate. 

New User Campaign Conversion Lift* 

The campaign conversion lift with repeat converters excluded. 

Converter Funnel 

Shows the relative number of Natural Converters compared to New Natural Converters, Campaign Converters, and New Campaign Converters. 

• Natural Converters: Users who have been detected in a target zone, and then detected in a conversion zone within the number of days designated in the conversion attribution settings for that campaign, regardless of having been served an ad or not. 

• New Natural Converters: Natural Converters who have been detected for the first time in a conversion zone within the number of days designated in the conversion attribution settings for that campaign. 

• Campaign Converters: Users who have been detected in a target zone, served an ad, then detected in a conversion zone within the number of days designated in the conversion attribution settings for that campaign.


• New Campaign Converters: Campaign Converters who have been detected for the first time in
a conversion zone within the number of days designated in the conversion attributions settings for that campaign. 

Natural Conversion Rate* The percentage of users that have been detected in a target zone, not served an ad, and then detected in a conversion zone for the same campaign. 

Natural Days to Convert 

The average number of days it takes users, whether they’ve been served an ad or not, to go from a target zone to the conversion zone. 

Campaign Conversion Rate* 

The percentage of users who were detected in a target zone, were then served an ad, and then were detected in a conversion zone for the same campaign. 

Campaign Days to Convert 

The average number of days it takes users who were served an ad to go from a target zone to the conversion zone. 

Geo-Conversion Lift Methodology 

SMART Communities Natural Conversion Rate provides a convenient and intuitive baseline for comparison while avoiding the complexity of a formal controlled experiment and the expense of a holdout set. This means brands do not need to dedicate what is traditionally 20% of their spend towards a hold-out set to accomplish a conversion lift metric. This is ideal for localized programmatic campaigns. It leverages SCT’s large mass of dynamic geo-location data to tell the target user’s story and build the foundation for a statistically rigorous comparison test. 

Baseline vs. Holdout Set 

SCT utilizes the Natural Conversion Rate as a baseline rather than a holdout set. This approach is well established statistically and often used in dynamic online application. It does not provide a cause-effect conclusion. Rather, the goal is an A/B comparison similar to A/B testing with the hypothesis, “Is the Natural Conversion Rate different than the Campaign Conversion Rate?” 

Saturation Avoidance 

SCT avoids the Natural Conversion Rate from becoming saturated with users who have been served an ad by not including them in the calculations. This may decrease the users in the baseline calculation, but the impact is negligible because of the preponderance of geo-location data. It also allows faster convergence to statistical significance because the two rates will be further apart. 


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