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Great information on why ID Theft has surpassed drug trafficking 

What Happens When ID is Stolen

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Tax ID Theft with News Anchor

Why the proper ID Theft protection is so important

Child ID Theft...Growing to 3 in 10

Watch the growing epidemic of Child ID Theft which is extending to children not even born yet.

Jeff Bell Interview LifeLock vs. ID Shield

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Why ID Shield for 2019

Top 10 Reasons why Legal Shield and ID Shield to Protect Your Identity

1) 47 years in business, longer than any other company for legal and ID Theft protection for employees.

2) A+ rated by BBB with stellar record of customer service to address problems.

3) Financially sound – Credit rating of B with Moody’s.

4) Network of A.V. Rated attorney’s by Martindale Hubbell. All 50 States, 4 Provinces of Canada with 24-7 access to attorney’s and 24-7 access to licensed fraud investigators. All attorneys are AV rated. The average experience of attorney’s was 22 years. Members not only have access to the entire law firm, but to all law firms nationwide.  Attorney referral system in place to handle any out of State affidavit’s or subpoenas. 

Here are the three possible ratings the law firm could have received.

  • CV Peer Review Rating – an excellent first Rating and a statement of a lawyer’s above average ability and very high ethics.
  • BV Peer Review Rating – an indication of an exemplary reputation and well-established practice. A typical lawyer is in mid-career, with a significant client base and high professional standing.
  • AV Peer Review Rating – shows that a lawyer has reached the height of professional excellence. He or she has usually practiced law for many years and is recognized for the highest levels of skill and integrity.

5) No 3rd party insurance companies to prevent employees from being covered or loopholes to avoid making payments. 

6) A full 100% commitment to spending millions of dollars on Geo Technology and Artificial Intelligence with proprietary algorithms for monitoring databases that other companies do not provide.

7) Full restoration benefits, not just monitoring. Restoration is made by a licensed and dedicated fraud investigator, so employees deal with the same person throughout restoration.

8) Complete Social Media Monitoring of Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn with 9 custom settings for the following

  • Profanity
  • Sexually explicit content
  • Compromised Credentials
  • Financial Information
  • Discrimination both racial and religious
  • Drug posts or comments
  • Malware, phishing, pharming, skimming, and all scams on Dark Web and actual web
  • All forms of personal Identifiers are tracked and monitored in ways other companies were unable to provide due to proper designation of certifications and licensing of investigators.
  • Violence of any type with Geo Fencing and Geo Targeting of sexual offenders within a 5-mile radius of any address desired by the member. Complete criminal report, photograph, charges and information on any sexual offender within the Geo radius

9) The only company offering unlimited financial restitution without any financial limits. A written guarantee to do whatever it takes for as long as it takes to restore the members identity back to the way it was prior to the theft. Up to 10 dependents covered at no extra charge. 

10) Reimbursement to employees for any out of pocket expense such as babysitting, food, travel, gas, or lost wages from work. No other company covered all expenses like ID Shield. 


Live demo of id thief calling support and hacking system

See how easy this is in less than 2 minutes

Live Demo of how thieves use skimming for RFID Theft

Only 16.5% of ID Theft is financial but here is a live demo

Dec 2018 Data Breach Outlook for 2019

Over 51% of U.S. adults think ID Theft is related to credit cards or credit score.  Nothing is further from the truth, nobody is immune, listen to Morgan Wright on Dec. 2018 interview with Fox News.  Criminal ID Theft is rampant with immigration laws.  Over 62% of consumers finding out they have warrants issued for their arrest.   

The numbers are skyrocketing.  Don't wait until you are arrested to find out. 

Latest Social Security Scam Alerts from FTC

Dec 2018 Recording of Social Media Scam Call

3:23 Webinar Walk Thru on High Tech Tools Thieves are Using

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Why Bitcoin and blockchain technology is ideal for ID Theft

Live interview with IT professional with recorded phone call of being held hostage for ransom