Identity Theft is Growing So Fast...We are looking for...

Those who want peace of mind

Sometimes the ability to focus on one thing and realize we will not be fired or lose our job, can give us peace of mind.

How important is peace?

How important is lack of stress?

How important is security?

How important are the intangibles?

If you are looking for a way to simplify your life but still provide for your family, then give us a call.

Many families need a part time income and other people prefer to focus on full time.  

Those who desire unlimited earning potential.

Knowing we can either make millions of dollars or thousands of dollars based on our time and effort is something many people are looking for. 

We have examples of agents who have made millions of dollars and those who earn a few thousand dollars per month part time.  

We believe in sorting not selling, so sales experience can sometimes be a negative.  

There are so many people who are looking for what we offer, we just need to focus on the people who are looking for us.  After we are done finding those who are looking, we can sell the ones who are not.   

Many of us just need to make up our mind, weigh the evidence, and decide what we want to do.  

The choice is ours based on our willingness to learn and focus.   That choice can bring internal peace, knowing we don't have to search any longer to find the magic formula.

Sometimes, the more talented we might be, the harder it is to settle down.  

Sometimes stress causes us to make decisions or do things which may not be right.   Could it be the answer is right in front of us?

The Ability to Work Anywhere

Work from home, create our own office, live anywhere in the world with an internet connection.  

Nobody telling us what to do or treating us unfairly can be the freedom many of us need.  

This freedom can be a game changer in our mental stability and focus.  There is also a danger with freedom, but we have outstanding support mechanisms to help hold us accountable.    

The ability to connect with others who have been through similar circumstances and have our well being in mind can be another huge help.  

In other words, there is a lot more to life than just making as much money as possible.   

Support, peace, camaraderie, and the ability to connect with like minded people who want us to succeed can be a big help in our lives.

We are working for ourselves but not by ourselves.  

Live anywhere, go anywhere, plug in, there is such a huge need, just making up our mind can make a big difference.

Take Control of Financial Life

  • No license needed for ID Theft.  13 States require a license for legal insurance, but getting a legal license for certain states simply requires a small fee without testing requirements or background checks.  
  • 100% Vesting from Day 1 - Get paid for years on your first app without any production requirements.
  • Bonuses and Incentives -
    • $180.00 Bonus
    • $15,000 Bonus
    • $1.5 Million Dollar Bonus
    • Many other incentives along the way
  • 4 Major Vacations per year with the entire vacation paid for two people! Food, airfare, hotel, spending money and more.  Sell just $250.00 in premium for 3 months in a row.
  • Lifetime commission locks which can never be taken away.  Once you graduate to a commission level, that level is never taken away. 
  • Residuals for life which can be passed down to your family upon death.  One agent passed down 2.5 million per year to his wife for as long as she lives.
  • Paid 5X per week with direct deposit
  • Work anywhere, no territories
  • 1 year advance commissions deposited the next business day.
  • Team support, 3 world class apps, multiple training sites and videos, award winning customer service on your behalf.
  • 46 year old company but offering services at a time when they have never been more needed.  No State has more than 5% penetration of products with 1000s of new businesses starting every year.
  • Train others and set up your own agency or referral network.
  • Online training system for yourself and others.
  • Custom enrollment websites to sign up anyone remotely.  
  • Custom enrollment websites for groups and employee benefits provided with bank draft or payroll deduction.

Less Stress and More Joy

The ability to hand down our income to our family can be a comfort for many people.   

Getting paid every year from the sales we made years ago provides outstanding residual income for us, and for those we leave behind when we die. 

Having a strong affordable product that is highly needed and unique means the majority of customers keep these products for years.

The company has never raised rates for existing customers in 46 years and plans on never doing so in the future.

Rates will go up for new customers, but for those who sign up now, the rate they pay today will be locked in as long as they continue with the service.

Rate locks like this help in retention rates, and helps keep our income on the books.

Having excellent customer service people work on our behalf is another benefit which helps our income continue long after the initial contact.

Waking up with Clarity

All we have to do is decide what we want to do. The opportunity is here for those who realize there are many important aspects to life. 

It's our choice to decide if we want simplicity, clarity, opportunity, and less stress.

We don't need to sell, we need to sort.  We do need to learn and explain the benefits in the best way we know how, but we don't have to sell since selling leads to stress.

Contact me if this is the type of opportunity that could help your family or your life.

I am a special needs parent and it took a crisis in my life with my autistic son to realize this truth after 61 years.

Read what it's like to be a special needs parent below

Steve Schroeder - 562.201.2580 or 

What it's like to be a special needs parent

The Smart Community Technologies Difference


10 Advantages of Working with SCT

  1. ID Theft is the fastest growing crime and #1 committed crime in the U.S. We offer individuals and employees, the best ID Theft Insurance in the world with Kroll Fraud Services.   Over 40,000 complaints per day to the FTC and growing by 20X over the next two years!  
  2. As a broker, we are not tied to any one product, we only represent the best of the best.  This is an incredible opportunity to help people and families.
  3. We represent the best ID Theft solution on the planet for the same price or less than competitors.  Very few customers understand their current coverage.
  4. We represent the only network of top law firms throughout the U.S and give access to the legal system for every person.
  5. We have a small business solution which only 2% of small business owners know exists.  There are millions of business owners looking for our solution.
  6. It has never been more legally dangerous to live in the U.S. than right now.  The political environment threatens innocent until proven guilty.
  7. The system in place has given us the ability to hire and train anyone we choose with an amazing training, support, and compensation package.
  8. Any person can work full time, part time from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Online training, online applications, and more!
  9. We pay 5 days per week M-F with direct deposit into any bank account.
  10. We provide all the training and will pay for certifications and advanced training for any person willing to learn.

What Makes Smart Community Technologies Unique?

Employee benefits are usually reserved to emergency events we don't want to occur.  Smart Community Technologies is the only company to make employee benefits fun and used everyday but without ignoring the important events at the same time.  

We use our customer loyalty background to create a lot of fun and winning for communities which also helps small business owners at the same time.  See our HOME page at the bottom.   

Here is an example of what we provide

  • Three world class mobile apps
  • Digital Membership Cards
  • Geo Fencing Promotions
  • Complete Turn Key System of Support
  • Cause Marketing to support important community needs and special needs.
  • 100% vesting from day 1 without production requirements
  • Car Allowances
  • Bonus
  • Incentives
  • Paid Vacations 4x per year!
  • Locked pricing for life, portable benefits employees can take with them
  • No waiting periods for most benefits
  • 100% coverage on many benefits without any co-pays or deductibles
  • No cost to employers
  • Automatic Payroll Deduction
  • Life Changing Prizes such as new cars provided as employee benefit
  • Locked commission levels for life without requirements or requalifying
  • No limits on many benefits, no ceilings.
  • 1 year advanced commissions with renewals paid for life
  • World class marketing materials and leads loaded directly to custom CRM
  • We have changed the employee benefits landscape with innovation and promise to keep innovating with incredibile mixing and matching of mobile technologies.

Sample Presentation Phone Call to Small Business Owner

Hello Mr. Business Owner:  My name is Steve Schroeder with Harvard Risk Management Corporation, the largest broker of Legal and ID Theft employee benefits in the U.S.  

As you are probably aware, it's never been more legally dangerous to own a business in the U.S. than today.  One simple accusation from a customer regarding your employees can end up costing a fortune even if the accusation cannot be corroborated.

In Georgia we represent Deming, Parker, Hoffman, Campbell, and Daly.  This law firm has won many prestigious awards.  Every attorney in the firm is AV rated by Martindale Hubbell and specializes in a key area of business law. AV rating is one of the highest ratings a law firm can achieve.

This is a courtesy call to ask if you were aware that a legal policy exists for your business which covers most legal costs without any co-pays, retainers, or out of pocket expense from day 1.

Were you aware that this type of policy exists?

I would love to come by and take 10 minutes of your time to show you these benefits if you would like to see them.

Are you available next Tuesday at 10am?

Small Business Coverage Any Business Less than 100 Employees.

These plans protect small business owners from the high cost of attorney's

Watch a Short Video

Millions of Small Business Owners Need this Coverage