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Medical ID Theft Records Now 100X More Valuable Than Credit

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Medical identity theft

Identity theft, has spawned a vicious new kind of crime: medical identity theft. 

Thieves steal your personal information to line their own pockets with fraudulent claims against your own health policy.  Medical thieves can heist your health-insurance number, Social Security number and other personal information. Often the information is stolen by employees at medical facilities, and resold on the black market. Thieves also may hack into medical databases or break into medical facilities.

Medical ID theft can cost you thousands of dollars, constant stress, and even threaten your life and health. Unless you check your medical records closely, you may discover you were defrauded only after the damage has been done.

The scams

Illegal and bogus treatment. 

Medical ID thieves bill your health plan for fake or inflated treatment claims. 

The crooks often are doctors and other medical personnel who know how the insurance billing system works. Organized theft rings also are involved. They buy stolen patient information on the black market, and set up fake clinics to make bogus claims against the health policies of honest consumers.

Buy addictive drugs. Medical personnel with access to your data may use your identity to obtain prescription drugs to sell, or feed their own addictions. Dishonest pharmacists might bill your policy for narcotics, or nurses may call in prescriptions in a patient’s name but pick it up themselves.

Obtain free treatment. Medical ID thieves who don’t have their own health coverage often receive free medical treatment, courtesy of your policy. They assume your identity at a hospital or clinic, and your policy receives the bills.

The price you pay

Medical ID theft can cause serious and long-lasting damage. Recovering can take years.

Ruined credit. Thieves often ring up large hospital bills in your name, then disappear without paying. This can ruin your credit. 

Straightening out inaccurate credit records can take months or even years of time-consuming headaches. Meanwhile, you could be hounded by bill collectors, turned down for loans or mortgages, and forced to pay higher lending costs. You also could lose jobs; some employers check a candidate’s credit history.

Loss of health coverage. Fraudulent insurance claims can max out your health-policy limits. This can leave you with no coverage when you have a medical emergency, or need an expensive operation or other treatment.

Inaccurate records. Medical ID theft can threaten your health or even life. A thief’s treatment history can end up on your medical records. This could include the wrong blood type, or medicine to which you’re allergic. 

Your life thus could be on the line if you receive the wrong treatment based on the thief’s treatment. Your records also could be falsely saddled with damaging — and inaccurate — diagnoses such as mental illness. This could follow you throughout your life.

Legal troubles. A pregnant woman stole the medical identity of a mother, and delivered a baby who tested positive for illegal drugs. Social workers tried to take away the real mother’s four children, falsely thinking she was the addict. She had to hire a lawyer to keep her family.

Higher health premiums. False claims against a health insurance policy can raise your health premiums — costing you yet more money.

Why Legal Protection Combined with ID Protection is Valuable

24-7 Access to Attorney's - Former Attorney General Explains Why This is Important.


As you may have noticed from videos above, legal issues often accompany ID Theft restoration.  Licensed fraud investigators work in tandem with our network of law firms and attorney's so members are protected by attorney's and fraud investigators.

Watch Attorney General Explain Click Here

The Law is legal, it's not logical! Why in today's society the color of justices is green.


The average out of pocket for Medical ID Theft is over $13,000 . Many people think they have ID Theft Protection but unless consumers have the proper coverage, these expenses will not be paid, even if they think they have $1,000,000 protection as advertised on TV.  

see why we need access to law firms Click Here

How Important is Quality Legal Help? Is there a difference in how attorney's handle matters?


There is a big difference.  Not only in skill set but how attorney's go about their work with commitment and integrity.   Legal Shield trains their attorney's to be more likeable and pays them over 100 million per year which helps :) . 

How attorney's are trained Click here

Why having an attorney is not enough. Why consumers need an entire law firm at their disposal.


Every area of law requires a different level of expertise.  Licensed fraud investigators have one skill set, but attorney's have another one with a different license.  In today's world you need both available to you 24-7

Why we need law firms click here

Are attorney's available for other issues besides ID Theft? Yes, every personal issue is covered.


Many people have reported less anger and anxiety.  They no longer try to solve problems on their own knowing they have legal counsel just a phone call away.  

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What Kind of Difference Might This Make in Your Life? Watch Mark Riches CEO of Harvard below


Excellent short video on how the CEO of Harvard started the business 25 years ago and now resides in Cookeville, TN with his 10 kids.  Today, the opportunity is far greater with less than 3% penetration in any one State.   

Mark Riches CEO of Harvard click here

Testimonials, Trials, and Trainings...Inspiration

Thanksgiving ID Theft Advice


Listen to Mike Riches give some helpful tips on why holidays are often great times to reach out and help people.   

End of 2018 President Mike Riches click here

Big Blue Trash Can Story


Simple animation that illustrates why many people don't get angry at small events. Access to the legal system alleviates stress and anger knowing we have an outlet to call and get results with problems that may not seem important, but are important to the member

neighborhood trash video click here

Alarm System Purchase


This gentleman was convinced he had the right alarm company for his new home, but his wife encouraged him to have the agreement reviewed by their law firm.  Find out what happened.

Contract Review for Decisions click here

5 Year Vehicular Homicide Case


Find out what happens when a client actually causes the death of another person.  Just 17 years old, but the parents had Legal Shield.  Vehicular homicide in Georgia and other States is not covered by auto insurance.  

Attorney on the case for 5 years click here

Brielle Hoffman Story


As a daughter of a high producer Brielle Hoffman shares what it was like going out on her own after being called to the mission field and feeling led to lead by example  in business.

Her dad is her hero click here

Fantastic Overview Video


These two gentleman explain two aspects of the business and why they left successful careers to pursue Legal Shield.  

Membership Overview Income overview here

The Difference Between ID Shield with new 2019 Enhancements


2019 Brings a New Standard to ID Theft Protection. Here is what to look for in your plan . We have investigated every company, ID Shield is the only company offering everything below.

  • The Federal Trade Commission reported in 2018, they received an average of 40,000 calls per day on ID Theft!  This number is expected to increase 30X to over 1 million calls per day in the next 3 years.  
  • Here is what to look for in an ID Protection Plan 
    • Sounds simple, but you want full minor children coverage without any extra charge.   1 in 10 children now have their ID's stolen. ID Shield now includes up to 10 dependents without any additional charge.   
    • Strong mobile app with easy access to a licensed fraud investigator 24-7 with the push of a button.
    • Private investigators need to be CITRMS certified (Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist) and FCRA certified (Fair Credit Reporting Act) certified. These two certifications allow fraud investigators access to proprietary databases which others are forbidden to access.  
    • Private investigators need to be dedicated which means assigned.   This means you deal with the same person who is aware of every aspect in your file and calls you with updates and progress at a scheduled time outside of working hours.
    • Limited Power of Attorney allows your fraud investigator the ability to restore your ID, file paperwork, verify location, send faxes, notify credit agencies and scores of other agencies on your behalf. This aspect of service is worth it's weight in gold!   
    • Unlimited access to a licensed fraud investigator BEFORE your ID is stolen and to PREVENT your ID from being stolen.  In other words, you don't want access AFTER the fact, you want access to prevent the event in the first place.   This must be unlimited access to a professional with the push of a button in the app and connected to a person who is professionally trained, not a typical customer service rep.  
    • Unlimited Financial Coverage without any limits. $1,000,000 is not enough.  Many of the companies who say they offer $1,000,000 in ID Theft protection have so many legal loopholes in their payout language, they never pay a dime.  You need TWO different types of financial protection
      • Unlimited financial protection and a guarantee to do whatever it takes for as long as it takes to restore the Identity to pre-theft status. This language is important since many other companies don't spell out their definition of success and consumers are left with $10s of thousands in expenses which are never covered by other companies.
      • A separate $1,000,000 REIMBURSEMENT policy on top of the Unlimited Protection to reimburse for legal fees, travel expenses, food, babysitting, missed work, and other life events which might be required if you need to testify in court. 
    • Enhanced Social Media Monitoring using the latest in AI (Artificial Intelligence) to track the following conversations inside of social media accounts.
      • Profanity
      • Sexually explicit
      • Compromised credentials
      • User names and passwords
      • Financial information of all types including investment accounts.
      • Drug posts.  Not just standard illegal drugs but an AI infused system that goes beyond words to include prescription drugs or legal language which could be dangerous.  
      • Alcohol references
      • Malware, Phishing, and Scams
      • Discrimination language such as racial or religious.
      • Personal information flags when too much information or TMI is compromised on social sites.  
      • Violence
      • Artificial Intelligence Sensitivity controls to alert members when a possible compromise or breach is possible . 
    • Geo Fencing Sex Offender Search
      • The ability to place a Geo Fence using a 5-mile radius with any address for work, home, school, or friends to pull criminal records and mug shots with name, address, date of birth, offense, height, weight, everything.  
    • Military Encryption User Name and Password Vault
      • Auto generates passwords
      • Remembers passwords
      • Syncs with Firefox, Chrome, and Safari
      • Many people don't understand or don't trust options which may have existed to help people remember passwords or generate passwords.
      • The only place consumers should trust password protection is with their ID Theft Provider IF they provide a strong enough vault with Military grade encryption with browser protection and interface. Every browser has intelligence to capture and remember your usernames and passwords and you don't want to trust Google or Apple.
      • It's time for new thinking and we are providing lunch and learn work shops all over North America to help employees and consumers learn these new options.  
    • Expanded Medical Records Monitoring
    • Emails and Push Notices for alerts including any 'hard' inquiry to a credit report.  
    • Enhanced Dark Web Algorithms and Dark Social Tracking with instant alerts.
    • All forms of ID Theft need a licensed professional to monitor proprietary databases of all types.
    • High risk transaction flags that auto notify the issuing agency that the inquiry or transaction was not originated by the person which looks like they initiated the transaction.   In other words, ID Shield announced a new proprietary algorithm that overrides the issuing agency database and notifies them up to 90 days sooner than previous that this transaction has a red flag and needs further verification to proceed safely.
    • Any delinquency report on a credit file.  This is another example of going beyond the norm.  Thieves have learned to start slow, lay traps, and then pounce.  By including alerts which may not be ID Theft tagged, they can stop problems before they start.  Whether this inquiry is theft or not, each member will be notified when any creditor issues a delinquency notice.
    • Actual TransUnion Credit Score is updated each month.  Not only does this eliminate the frequency of inquiries by legitimate sources, it helps alert the member as to any large swing in credit scores to generate an immediate emergency alert.
    • Updated USPS records of every home in the U.S. to find any change of address initiated without the members approval.  There is a new strategy thieves have begun to implement and ID Shield was the only company we researched with enhanced USPS algorithms to detect change of address and deliver that information with a push message and email.  
    • Enhanced Lost Wallet or Purse benefits.  Due to licensed fraud investigators with CITRMS and FCRA certifications, Legal Shield can access databases that others cannot.  If a purse is lost or stolen, we an put special trackers to see if those records are showing up in cyber-space.
    • New enhanced Vendor Solicitation alerts with spam email, robo calls, unwanted calls, and much more.  


Children are one of the fastest growing targets

  • Thieves have developed a new algorithm to predict social security numbers before they are issued.  Now, unborn children are having their ID stolen and younger children have proven to be vulnerable targets.
  • When children are involved it's difficult to fix the problem.  
  • The peace of mind for parents is a great benefit.  ID Shield can monitor all the soft spots kids are most vulnerable such as social media and stop a crisis before it starts.  
  • Drivers License fraud is growing with kids age 15-18.  ID Shield covers dependents up to age 26 living at home or if they are attending college and not living in the home. 
  • Employment fraud is another big issue with under age kids and adults.
  • Social security problems, tax problems, and credit issues can hound kids for years unless they have the proper coverage. 
  • Medical Fraud is another growing problem with kids and people of all ages.
  • Criminal Fraud where crimes are committed in a different persons name is also growing among children and adults.  Improper DUI's can costly and time consuming to remove without the proper protection.

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How Important is a Limited Durable Power of Attorney?

  • The power of attorney to a licensed fraud investigator allows a professional the ability to do the hundreds of hours of leg work on your behalf so you don't miss work or get fired due to distractions. Many people without the proper coverage have struggled for years. 
  • The key to ID Theft is the full service aspect of restoration.  Not full service coaching, full service restoration and coverage for the many things beyond financial loss such as loss of time and mental frustration.
  • The out of pocket expenses for ID Theft, Medical Theft, Drivers License Theft, Social Security Theft, Criminal and Employment theft are not covered by most of the other providers.   
  • Employee focus, being present, and concentrating on the job is just as important as the employee being there in the first place. 

Watch Video Here of different people who tried to do the leg work on their own