Virtual Test Drive Ford with A.R. Block Encryption

We feature many innovative ways consumers can populate their digital wallet with prizes, entries, rewards, crypto, and USD for watching videos, learning about brands, and posting to social media.  Here is an older demo version of a game we developed for Ford.  

Geo Social Scavenger Hunts for Dealerships

Watch this short video on how we use cutting edge Geo Location and Geo Fencing software (designed by SCT) to protect dealerships, drive new traffic, and gamify the car buying process with complete data protection.  

Geo Social Scavenger Hunt Cumming, GA

Two 5 minute videos illustrate how to set up a Geo Social Scavenger Hunt from scratch.   

Geo Snow Skiing Aspen Colorado

Geo Snow Skiing with ski flags set up from Atlanta and feeding into bar in Aspen, CO.

4:54 Video Small Business Data Illustration Cumming

This short video shows how quickly we can pull data from multiple Geo Fences, cities, states, counties, or radius of areas and protect that data via blockchain technology while using it to enhance the customer experience.  

Geo Social 4:58 Video Communication Mets Fans

Communicating with Fans after the Mets beet the Cubs and headed to the world series

Part 2 How to Monetize Geo Scavenger Hunts

Watch how we drive all the Holiday Inn customers to select businesses within walking distance of the Holiday Inn Express to be eligible for a free room at the Holiday Inn Express.